Brick Soul (Brick Story)

“I wouldn’t.”

Macus stopped short of sticking his chewed, pink piece of Bubbalicious on the wall upon hearing the dark, soprano voice. He looked over his shoulder, shivering as his gray eyes took in the tall woman behind him. She wore an all black, pant and shirt set, black haired pulled back into a tight bun. Macus rolled his eyes. Of course, the new student from Japan. Everyone said she looked older than she was.

“Look, you do you thing, I’ll do mine.”

With that, he mashed the wad of gum into the brick wall and kept walking.

“Macus Forman, please come to the principal’s office.”

Macus grimaced at the crackled voice of the principal’s secretary, Miss Baker. For a minute, Macus worried that the new girl had blabbed but he crushed that worry. Why would the principal call him down for just that ?  Macus stood and breezed out of the room, hands in his pockets, completely calm  both inside and out. He passed the brick and his wad of Bubbalicious as well as the trash can just inches away. When he got to the office, Miss Baker just waved him in. But the woman in the principal’s office wasn’t the principal. Macus started to leave, thinking he had the wrong office.

“Macus, come in. I’m Wei,” she said.

Macus crossed his arms. Wei sighed and nodded at the chair across from her. Macus sat as the door closed.

“So, what do you need?” Macus asked.

“Macus, do you like games?” Wei inquired.

Macus nodded slowly, puzzled by the question. Wei smiled but the smile didn’t fit her face. It looked all wrong.

“I have a game for you. Care to play?”

Chapter 2

“I never said yes!” Macus yelled.

Only two seconds after Wei had finished her question, Macus had fallen into an all white room.Wei had vanished, leaving Macus wondering where he was.

“This is the entrance to the Dream World.”

 Macus looked around frantic. Wei was slowly making her way towards him. She was mostly a spider except for her head which remained human. She dropped to the floor.

 “Let me explain the rules. Once you enter the Dream World, image in your soul becomes the form you take. The object is to find a piece of yourself. But be warned, Macus, you have until midnight.”

Wei started to crawl away.

“Wait! What happens at midnight?” Macus called.

Wei stopped but did not turn around.

“You’ll be trapped. Forever.”

Cackling, she crawled away.

“Oh. And do be wary of your classmates.”

Macus eyed the doors warily. He would have missed them had he not seen the small knob. Finally, he opened the door and stepped in. But beyond the door was a vast empty which he fell into. His voice escaped him as he fell, coming back as soon as a light erupted from the nothingness, swallowing him up.

Macus groaned inwardly. Man, his body felt like it had been squashed by a mallet over and over again. Opening his eyes was almost impossible, like walking in cement shoes. He was glad he’d opened his eyes though. Lucielle Matthews, head cheerleader, was dancing happily in front of him, staring in a mirror. Macus tired to call out to her but he couldn’t, almost like he had no voice. Or no mouth. Lucielle  danced away, humming.

“Wait!” Macus screamed in his head.

“She can’t hear you,” the mirror said

Macus looked at it and his heavy eyes widened in shock. He was a brick! A paste white brick in a brick wall. A wad of Bubbalicious was stuck to what he suspected was his forehead.

No,’ he gasped.

Chapter 3

Wei appeared in the mirror.

“Not what you were expecting? Too bad really.”

She stepped out of the mirror all woman again, brushing off her plain , black dress. The mirror morphed into the new girl.

“Hurts right? To know the one thing you care little for is the thing you become. When I first entered this world, I began to think the mirror was a mistake. I still do. But your from is no mystery. You’re one brick among many with no difference but a piece of gum stuck to you.”

She smiled slightly.

“Truly, it suits you.”

She reached down and picked up a shard of glass.

“Goodbye Macus,” she said as she herself shattered into dozens of pieces.


Ricca awoke from her sleep, glaring at the group of students crowding her.

“Are you alright?” they kept asking.

Ricca stood, using the desk beside her as a crutch. Macus’s seat remained empty. She pointed to it.

“Who sits there?” she asked.

Some students turned.

“No one,” one girl, Lucielle, said.

Ricca looked at the desk and slowly, she began to forget who had sat there.

‘She just disappeared!’ Macus spazzed.

Wei stared, amused, at the pile of glass. Under her gaze, the shards drifted into the air, fitting together and forming a glass ballerina with only  a few more shards missing. Wei smiled.

“Ricca has done well. But it is time to focus on you. You’re running out of time,” she declared, pointing at a nearby clock.

11:57 P.M.

“I can help you,” Wei offered.

She held up a tiny pearl.

“This is a piece of YOU, Macus. Do you want it? Do you want to forgive your past and start anew?”

Macus stared at the pearl.

11:58 P.M.

Wei still looked amused.

“Well?” she asked.

Macus closed his eyes.

11:59 P.M.

“Too bad. I had high hopes for you, Macus,” she said.

12:00 P.M.

Ricca stared at the wad of Bubbalicious Bubble gum on the brick.

“Who put this here?” she mumbled.

She pulled a piece of paper from her notebook and tugged the gum off the wall.

“I thought I knew,” she mumbled.

Wei sat among the old texts, hanging yet another traped soul on her wall.

“Dear Macus, in the end you proved you were too weak. But you are not the first student at North Port High to fail. And you certainly will not be the last.”


The old texts swirled into the librarian’s office and Wei turned to face her newest player.

“Margaret Steel, so nice to meet you. My name is Kyoha.”

She smiled.

“Do you like games?”


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