A Day in ISR

You walk into the room and it looks perfectly normal. A boring, old everyday classroom with tormented students crouched over their work. Ha! But those are the good ones. The ones with minor offenses. You, my friend are a special case. You see, screaming at a teacher ensures you have a special place in ISR. A very special place indeed.

I cry out as the floor goes from plain tile to tile Slip and Slide in a heartbeat. I slide down, beneath the ISR room, until I’m sprawled on another tile floor. My backpack comes sliding up behind me, thumping against my back. “OW!” I yell, for emphasis. A little flying TV zooms over and words appear on its screen.

                            So nice of you to join us today. Please state your name.

Yeah, like I’m just going to do that. So I lie. “Sarah McCarthy,” I say. The screen blacks out for a second but then words appear again.

                                     You cannot bullshit me. I am smarter.

Worth a try,” I say with a shrug. The TV is still floating there so I sigh. “Taykoe,” I finally say.

                                                Thank you, future scum of America.

And then it flew away a little bit, waiting for me. I shouldered my bag and walked after it. “Couldn’t you, I don’t know, make it so I could just slide all the way there?” I asked sarcastically. Did I want to slide? No. But if this was my only way of rebellion well I was going to use it.

                                                                  As you wish.

And then the floor was a slide again, forcing me through a tunnel. A really dark tunnel. I screamed as I saw a light at the end and then I flew out, tackling one surprised guy. And a cute one at that. I stared down at him with his perfect silver eyes and his silver hair with blue tips. Okay behind cute, scrumptious. “Hey,” he said and I blushed at his voice. If this was a dream I so did not want to wake up. “I’m up for anything fun but right now I have to pee.” And just like that, the moment was ruined.  The TV flew in then. “Mike!” the guy said.

                                Primitive human, I am know as ST7 not an abbreviation of your name, Micheal.

“Nice to know,” Micheal said, leaping to his feet and leaving me sprawled on the floor. With a shock I realized there were two other people. A girl and a guy. The girl could have easily been his girlfriend. Not a good thing. “Kid, I wouldn’t lay on the floor too long,” said the one with black hair. My jaw literally dropped. O…M…G! Shilo Kuchiki! Daughter of Ariha and Byakuya Kuchiki. We’d grown up together but I barely recognized her. The other was Zero. He looked bored which I suspected was genetic since his mother, Misha, always looked bored whenever we went to visit. “Dude, what are you guys doing here?” I asked. Shilo raised her hand. “I got caught trying to steal files from the principal’s office,” she said. I looked at Zero. “He helped,” Shilo added. I looked at Micheal. “And you?” He looked calmly back. “Well, one charge was streaking across the football field and the other was performing a strip tease on a teacher’s desk in the middle of class.” “And he does so even in here!” Shilo complained.

                                                       No talking!

“OH BITE ME!” Shilo growled, crossing her arms like the princess she was so obviously raised to be. ST7 did not respond. It just flew out of the room. “So,” Micheal said, rising. “Who wants to go home?” “WHAT?” I cried looking at each one in turn as they all stood. “You didn’t think we were just going to sit around and waste away did you?” Shilo asked as Zero dusted the dirt away from a door in the wall. “We have our ways of escape.” One of Micheal’s arms slid around my shoulder. “Trust me, little Taykoe-chan. You’re stuck with us for a long time now that you ended up down here. You’ve joined the pack and we look out for our own.” Shilo rolled her eyes as Zero pried open the door. “You always say that you nympho,” she grumbled before stepping through the door. Zero followed and Micheal  led me after them. “I warn you, kid. Shilo’s annoying and Zero barely talks but they’re good allies. Plus you’ve got me. And I’m just naturally awesome.” I smiled. Okay, it wasn’t as much of a suckish day in ISR  as I had first thought.


~ by arihaxxx on March 31, 2011.

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