ISR day2

ISR. Normal enough. In school restriction sounds totally fine. Except for the part where you never get to leave for ,like, ever. Okay, you never get to leave UNLESS you know Micheal, Shilo and Zero. They are three of the best escape artists I’ve ever met and they make it look easy even when they’re not teamed up. Shilo, through years of gymnastical arts ranging from ballet to skating, is the most flexible chick I know. And Zero, dear god, he does things that no boy should be able to do. And then there’s Micheal. He’s a tease, aa nympho, a risk taker and a troublemaker, but his heart’s in the right place. Did I mention he’s cute?


I ducked through the hidden door, humming. Zero was in his corner but Shilo was talking quietly to Micheal. I watched them  in the corner of my eye as I shut the door quietly and covered it with dirt. What could they possibly be talking about? Shilo clapped her hands. “Alright!” she said. I finished with the door and looked at her. She smiled back at me. “You, my darling, are looking at this school’s newest released prisoner. Well, one of them!” she announced. My heart stopped. Shilo and Zero were…leaving? Micheal sat on one of the tables meant to be our desks, crossing his arms. “Congrats,” he mumbled. Before anyone else could say a word, a plastic screen lowered to the floor, separating the chalkboard from us. Time for class because even in ISR we had to learn. I took the seat beside Micheal before Shilo or Zero could grab it. As she sat, Shilo eyed me weirdly but I didn’t care. “So when are you being released?” I asked. The teacher, Miss Carol, walked in. No one paid her any attention even when she clapped her hands to bring us to order. “Tomorrow, I think,” Shilo replied. “When should we expect you back?” Micheal inquired. Shilo tossed him a venomous look. “Never you nympho,” she hissed. I smiled. “Giving up your criminal ways?” I asked. Shilo rolled her eyes. “Please, I’m going to get better so that I don’t get caught.” Miss Carol was knocking on the plastic wall now. “Children!” she called. Shilo glanced at her, briefly, before turning back to Micheal. “Isn’t getting rid of teacher’s your specialty?” she inquired. I knew where things were going the second I heard Micheal’s shoes clomp onto the table. “Micheal, now, really?” I asked, covering my face with my hands so that no one could see me blush. I felt Micheal’s shirt plop onto my head, his scent surrounding me. “Zero! Gimmie a beat!” he instructed. I risked a peek at Shilo. Like me, her face was in her hands, mainly because of the deep love/hate relationship she and Micheal had. Shilo peeked over at me, as if sensing my stare.By now, Zero had launched into a beat and I could only imagine just what Micheal was doing. The table was shaking enough. Was Miss Carol, shy ,sweet, innocent Miss Carol, really immune to Micheal’s “signature strip tease”? I heard a door slam and got my answer. Nope! Micheal’s shirt was removed from my head and he flopped into his chair beside me, pulling on the white T-shirt. I smiled at him, lifting my head. ST7 flew into the room. “Mikey!” Micheal greeted. ST7 responded by zapping him.

                                Primitive human scum, you have chased another teacher away.

“True but they’re getting faster now,” Micheal joked. Another zap.

                                                Do you not wish to continue your education?

This time I spoke up. “Our education system put us in here.”

                                               You put yourself in here.

With that, ST7 flew out of the room. Micheal stood. “Guess I can let myself out,” he said. We all stood, brushing aside the dirt and leaving through the door. The tunnel beyond was only wide enough to walk two by two. Shilo pulled me back with her, holding me behind as the boys walked on. “After all that, my hard work wasted,” she grumbled. “What do you mean?” I asked. She smacked the back of my head. “I practically give you a half naked Micheal and all you do is look away and blush.” I blushed now. She’d done that for me? Was it really so obvious that I liked Micheal? Had he noticed? “Ladies, let’s go!” Micheal yelled. Shilo crossed her arms. “He may be dense but Zero and I aren’t. What are you going to do when it’s just the two of you in that room?” That was a good question. What was I going to do when Shilo and Zero left?


~ by arihaxxx on April 21, 2011.

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