Mystery Solutions


The case of the ruined roses.(continued)

“What are you talking about?” Nina asked.Max smiled but said nothing to her as he walked away. “Max! TELL ME!” she yelled, running after him.

“So you really think it’s Sam?” Nina asked, after Max had finally told her. Although, he hadn’t really done it willingly, considering he was now pinned under her. “If you let me up, I will explain,” Max said. Nina rolled off her cousin and stood, waiting impatiently for him to stand and brush himself off. “Now then,” he began. “If you recall, Sam claimed to have been watching that lame documentary on UFO’S correct?” Nina crossed her arms. “Not lame but go on,” she urged. “Well according to you, mini munch, the whole UFO junk started in 1800. Didn’t Sam say something about some guy starting it in 1947?” Nina blinked. ‘I just got that. And yeah he did. Max you’re a genious!” Max smiled. “I know but I’m glad you admitted it. Now let’s go tell Coach.”

The case of the disappearing signs (also continued)

“Well who?” asked Mrs.Decker, turning off the water and wiping her hands on a dishtowel. “Who else would be motivated enough to jack signs but the person who has to live next to the house’s new occupants?” Max asked. His mother and Nina just looked at him. “Leave this one to me,” Nina said, sitting in a chair. “Well, we talked to everyone we could think off. Freddie couldn’t because he’s been tearing apart his old tree house in order to get a new bike. I heard him talking about it a few days ago and he was pretty bummed. Then we thought it was this guy Paul. He had a truck and he may have been tired off house searching for his uncle so he took the signs so no one else would buy the house. But we ruled that out fairly quickly.” “I’m sorry Nina but I don’t want to know who it isn’t. I want to know who it is,” Mrs. Decker said. “I’m getting there!” Nina nearly yelled. She crossed her arms. “Well, I’m no pyro expert but isn’t it a little weird for a fire to be going in the middle of July?” “What?” Mrs. Decker asked. “It was Mrs. Stearns,” Max clarrified. “Oh, but she’s so sweet and old.” “Exactly. Most old people prefer peace and quiet. She’s no exception. She was afraid that if people knew the house was on the market, she’d lose all the quiet.” At that moment, the phone rang. “Well, I’ll have a stern talk with Mrs.Stearns as soon as I can,” declared Mrs.Decker as she picked up the phone. “Hello?” “Yes, this is Mrs. Decker.” pause. “Oh that sounds delightful,” she declared, scribbling on a notepad and then hanging up. “Mom?” Max asked. “That house is as good as sold!”


~ by arihaxxx on May 12, 2011.

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