ISR day 3

Down to two. Two of the school’s severest cases of delinquents. Or are we?

“So, just us now huh?” Micheal asked. I nodded. He said nothing else but he rubbed his hands together. That’s how he’d been since I’d gotten here. By here, I mean the huge set of underground tunnels beneath the ISR room at school. Apparently only the baddest of the bad get sent here. I really don’t see how yelling at a teacher because she’s an incompetent ass is a bad thing. Micheal layed on the table, sighing. “No offense but now it’s boring. Two is okay but four makes it fun.” Four? Please. No offense but Zero seemed more of an extension of Shilo then an actual person. If he spoke at all, I don’t recall hearing it. But I didn’t say anything to Micheal. Why kick a guy when he’s down that two of his fellow prisoners were free and possibly never coming back. I sat on the opposite table. “I’m sure we can still have fun,” I said. Micheal sat up and stared at me, doubtfully. “Rock, paper, scissors and I Spy aren’t fun,” he declared. I pouted. Okay, so yeah, when Shilo had suggested we start playing games instead of sitting around bored all day, I had immediantly suggested I Spy. Trust me, it’s pretty hard when the only color that’s dominantly around you is brown. “Well, fine. Next time I won’t say anything,” I said, turning away. “Aw don’t be like that Taykoe. I was kidding,” he said. I crossed my arms, back to him. “Im ignoring you now,” I declared. ST7 flew into the room at that second.

Good morning primitive human scum

“Good morning Stan,” Micheal greeted with a salute. As always. ST7 shocked him and then floated to a little hole in the wall that shot straight from the IRS room to down here.

                   New arrival!

Micheal and I turned with curiosity as we heard screams coming closer. From the tunnel of Hell ( as Shilo called it) came a boy with a green jacket and brown hair. “That was soooo awesome!” he declared, leaping to his feet. He looked at ST7. “Can I do it again?” Micheal and I just looked at each other. No, now goodbye With that, ST7 flew from the room, leaving us with the new guy. He turned to us, slowly. “Yo,” he greeted. “Sup?” asked Micheal. He jumped off his table and offered a hand to New guy. “I’m Micheal, she’s Taykoe,” he said, nodding at me. I waved. New guy took Micheal’s hand. “Devin.” “Well, what are you in for?” I asked. “Well, there’s this guy, I kind of pushed into a wood cutter,” he said. I stared at him, wide eyed. “C-come again?” I asked nervously. “I pushed this guy into a wood cutter. Kinda,” Devin replied. I blinked. “Now how does one kinda push someone into a wood cutter?” I asked Micheal. He grinned. “It’s possible,” he said. He offered Devin a smile. “Pick a seat. Any seat. I’m sure Stan will be in soon,” he said. “Stan?” Devin asked. “Micheal’s name for that flying robot thing,” I explained. True, Devin did freak me out a bit. The guy had pushed another guy into a frickin’ wood cutter! But I wasn’t going to be rude. So, I resolved to smile at him and make him feel as welcome as possible hoping that would save me from being pushed into a wood cutter myself. As always the day was boring. I ended up falling asleep on one of the tables meant to be desks only to wake up about two hours later to find Micheal and Devin playing what looked to be Black Jack. I rubbed my eyes. “Is it time yet?” I mumbled groggily. Devin looked at me, confused by my words and surprised I was awake (lol, I wake up quietly). Micheal smiled back at me. “Not yet kid, go to sleep,” he said. “I’m not a kid,” I whined. Okay, I sounded like a kid right then, all whiny but hey, I had just woken up. Leave me alone. Still, I had nothing better to do so instead I rolled over, facing away from them and closed my eyes, falling asleep again. This time, when I woke up, Micheal was carrying me. “Awake?” he asked, an amused smile on his face. I nodded. It felt great to be in his arms. He just smiled at my nod and kept walking. Any other guy that I knew would have set me down right then and there. I’m mean, sure they would have made sure I had some balance and all but they still would have set me down. Micheal, on the other hand, continued to carry me through the dark tunnel towards the light. Cliché right? The tunnel had always creeped me out. It took forty five minutes to get through the entire thing and for most of that time it looked like a tunnel to Hell. Shilo had called in Hell on her shoes. Going in the tunnel was easy enough. If you walked in from where the tunnel let out, all you had to do was swing or slide down the ropes there and you’d be set. Getting out was harder especially if you kept failing the rope climb. As I found out my first day, I was the only one. Zero ended up having to come back down and carry me up on his back since Micheal refused to head up before the three of us did. I asked him why once and he said that they couldn’t do anything to him if he happened to get caught so he was more than willing to help us get away first. Plus he liked taking risk if the fact that he streaked and practically stripped naked was any indication of that. I glanced over Micheal’s shoulder at Devin and he glanced at me before nodding. I turned away. Okay, that guy, who was practically a homicidal maniac, really creeped me out. Micheal may trust him but I was keeping my eyes peeled. At least until we got a new teacher and Micheal stripped again. Then I was going to cover my eyes FAST to keep from drooling over him.


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