As I know, you will definently be checking blogs because, I suspect, this is our final grade and all so everything must be checked.First off, I’d like to apologize sincerly for the lack of my syllabus and the poems I was told we had to write because of our “Field Trip”. The syllabus is at home on my desk where I put it when I needed to switch binders because the other fell to pieces. As for the poem, I was absent due to the fact that I was at home fighting the urge to vomit. Moving on, I believe my binder to be adequately in order and have even made sure I had all my Questions for Memorists. Seeing as how you only gave me half credit last binder check, I suspect that it is because of some personal grudge that you hold which should not affect my grade. Truthfully, the only thing that should cause my grade to plummet is my employability which I can understand considering the fact that while you are preaching to our class about such topics as the definition of Poetry (which I believed to be written by an English teacher) my friends and I are engaging in talks. Besides the employability I can see having points removed because to this minute I have not presented it. You may fail me if you like and frankly I don’t care but I’m going to have to inform you that I’d really rather not sink lower than an 80 considering the fact that I believe I should have at least an 90. Please take this into consideration and have a nice day,

                                                                                                 Olivia Cray


~ by arihaxxx on May 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Mr.Disz”

  1. Teachers are stupid, remember that and I’m gonna suspect that’s like a teacher for like Creative Writing class. None of those tight asses are qualified for something as creative as that class. Here’s an idea, get a retired writer to teach the class. I’m pretty sure they are a Hell of a lot more creative than any pansy teacher

    • i wont totally agree and even retired writers are costly. And really who can decide who’s more creative. Btw, you follow my stories on DA and FFN, don’t you cause I remember posting something about my creative writing class on one of the stories.

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