ISR day 3

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Down to two. Two of the school’s severest cases of delinquents. Or are we?

“So, just us now huh?” Micheal asked. I nodded. He said nothing else but he rubbed his hands together. That’s how he’d been since I’d gotten here. By here, I mean the huge set of underground tunnels beneath the ISR room at school. Apparently only the baddest of the bad get sent here. I really don’t see how yelling at a teacher because she’s an incompetent ass is a bad thing. Micheal layed on the table, sighing. “No offense but now it’s boring. Two is okay but four makes it fun.” Four? Please. No offense but Zero seemed more of an extension of Shilo then an actual person. If he spoke at all, I don’t recall hearing it. But I didn’t say anything to Micheal. Why kick a guy when he’s down that two of his fellow prisoners were free and possibly never coming back. I sat on the opposite table. “I’m sure we can still have fun,” I said. Micheal sat up and stared at me, doubtfully. “Rock, paper, scissors and I Spy aren’t fun,” he declared. I pouted. Okay, so yeah, when Shilo had suggested we start playing games instead of sitting around bored all day, I had immediantly suggested I Spy. Trust me, it’s pretty hard when the only color that’s dominantly around you is brown. “Well, fine. Next time I won’t say anything,” I said, turning away. “Aw don’t be like that Taykoe. I was kidding,” he said. I crossed my arms, back to him. “Im ignoring you now,” I declared. ST7 flew into the room at that second.

Good morning primitive human scum

“Good morning Stan,” Micheal greeted with a salute. As always. ST7 shocked him and then floated to a little hole in the wall that shot straight from the IRS room to down here.

                   New arrival!

Micheal and I turned with curiosity as we heard screams coming closer. From the tunnel of Hell ( as Shilo called it) came a boy with a green jacket and brown hair. “That was soooo awesome!” he declared, leaping to his feet. He looked at ST7. “Can I do it again?” Micheal and I just looked at each other. No, now goodbye With that, ST7 flew from the room, leaving us with the new guy. He turned to us, slowly. “Yo,” he greeted. “Sup?” asked Micheal. He jumped off his table and offered a hand to New guy. “I’m Micheal, she’s Taykoe,” he said, nodding at me. I waved. New guy took Micheal’s hand. “Devin.” “Well, what are you in for?” I asked. “Well, there’s this guy, I kind of pushed into a wood cutter,” he said. I stared at him, wide eyed. “C-come again?” I asked nervously. “I pushed this guy into a wood cutter. Kinda,” Devin replied. I blinked. “Now how does one kinda push someone into a wood cutter?” I asked Micheal. He grinned. “It’s possible,” he said. He offered Devin a smile. “Pick a seat. Any seat. I’m sure Stan will be in soon,” he said. “Stan?” Devin asked. “Micheal’s name for that flying robot thing,” I explained. True, Devin did freak me out a bit. The guy had pushed another guy into a frickin’ wood cutter! But I wasn’t going to be rude. So, I resolved to smile at him and make him feel as welcome as possible hoping that would save me from being pushed into a wood cutter myself. As always the day was boring. I ended up falling asleep on one of the tables meant to be desks only to wake up about two hours later to find Micheal and Devin playing what looked to be Black Jack. I rubbed my eyes. “Is it time yet?” I mumbled groggily. Devin looked at me, confused by my words and surprised I was awake (lol, I wake up quietly). Micheal smiled back at me. “Not yet kid, go to sleep,” he said. “I’m not a kid,” I whined. Okay, I sounded like a kid right then, all whiny but hey, I had just woken up. Leave me alone. Still, I had nothing better to do so instead I rolled over, facing away from them and closed my eyes, falling asleep again. This time, when I woke up, Micheal was carrying me. “Awake?” he asked, an amused smile on his face. I nodded. It felt great to be in his arms. He just smiled at my nod and kept walking. Any other guy that I knew would have set me down right then and there. I’m mean, sure they would have made sure I had some balance and all but they still would have set me down. Micheal, on the other hand, continued to carry me through the dark tunnel towards the light. Cliché right? The tunnel had always creeped me out. It took forty five minutes to get through the entire thing and for most of that time it looked like a tunnel to Hell. Shilo had called in Hell on her shoes. Going in the tunnel was easy enough. If you walked in from where the tunnel let out, all you had to do was swing or slide down the ropes there and you’d be set. Getting out was harder especially if you kept failing the rope climb. As I found out my first day, I was the only one. Zero ended up having to come back down and carry me up on his back since Micheal refused to head up before the three of us did. I asked him why once and he said that they couldn’t do anything to him if he happened to get caught so he was more than willing to help us get away first. Plus he liked taking risk if the fact that he streaked and practically stripped naked was any indication of that. I glanced over Micheal’s shoulder at Devin and he glanced at me before nodding. I turned away. Okay, that guy, who was practically a homicidal maniac, really creeped me out. Micheal may trust him but I was keeping my eyes peeled. At least until we got a new teacher and Micheal stripped again. Then I was going to cover my eyes FAST to keep from drooling over him.



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As I know, you will definently be checking blogs because, I suspect, this is our final grade and all so everything must be checked.First off, I’d like to apologize sincerly for the lack of my syllabus and the poems I was told we had to write because of our “Field Trip”. The syllabus is at home on my desk where I put it when I needed to switch binders because the other fell to pieces. As for the poem, I was absent due to the fact that I was at home fighting the urge to vomit. Moving on, I believe my binder to be adequately in order and have even made sure I had all my Questions for Memorists. Seeing as how you only gave me half credit last binder check, I suspect that it is because of some personal grudge that you hold which should not affect my grade. Truthfully, the only thing that should cause my grade to plummet is my employability which I can understand considering the fact that while you are preaching to our class about such topics as the definition of Poetry (which I believed to be written by an English teacher) my friends and I are engaging in talks. Besides the employability I can see having points removed because to this minute I have not presented it. You may fail me if you like and frankly I don’t care but I’m going to have to inform you that I’d really rather not sink lower than an 80 considering the fact that I believe I should have at least an 90. Please take this into consideration and have a nice day,

                                                                                                 Olivia Cray

My Mystery

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My mystery

 Setting: Akatsuki Base












No More Cookies (aka spastic Taykoe and Misha)


“ARIHA!!!” Taykoe yelled, kicking down the door to her teammate’s bedroom. Ariha grumbled a bit. “The cookies are missing!” Taykoe wailed. “WHAT!” came Misha’s voice from down the hall. “Perfect,” Ariha grumbled, lifting her face from her pillow. Now Misha hovered in her doorway, also looking at her. “Alright, I’m up. Happy?” Ariha asked, pushing herself into a sitting position. Before she could even think of stretching, Misha and Taykoe grabbed her arm and pulled her into the hall. “Do you even know where we’re going to start?” Ariha yelled as they ran down the hall. “The kitchen of course!” was the reply.


Ariha yawned as she poured a mug of coffee. “So,” she said, yawning. “What first?” Taykoe pointed to the cow shaped cookie jar. “We dust for fingerprints!” she declared. Ariha rubbed her eyes. “Um, no, nice guess though.” At that second, Pein stumbled into the kitchen. “Coffee,” he said, reaching for the pot. Ariha caught his hand. “Pein-sama, did you happen to eat cookies earlier?” she asked. He yanked his hand away. “Of course not! Now let me get some coffee!” he ordered. Ariha released him and let him get his coffee. Misha and Taykoe watched their exchange, bored. “That’s it?” Misha asked. Ariha sighed. “Yes. This isn’t a murder. We just have to ask people.” “And then?” Taykoe asked. ‘I use my many years of lying experience to see which of these pansies are guilty so that I can personally murder them,” Ariha replied, setting her mug in the sink. “Now then, onto the living room!” she said, leading them into said room.


Kakuzu didn’t glance up from his paper as a pair of bare arms wrapped around his neck. “Ka.Ku.Zu,” Ariha cooed. “As long as you’re wearing clothes, I’ll do it,” he said. “We’ll see,” she said. “Do you happen to know who ate the cookies?” Taykoe asked. “Nope,” was the reply. Kisame’s head popped up from behind the couch. “Kakuzu doesn’t eat anything sweet,” he said. “Costs too much,” Kakuzu grumbled. “But Hidan and Tobi were watching a movie last night and they ran out of popcorn,” Kisame went on as if he’d never been interrupted. “And where’s Hidan now?” Misha asked. “His room,” Kisame replied. “There are some places even I won’t go. Hidan‘s bedroom is one of them,” Ariha declared. “Split up time?” Misha asked. Ariha nodded. In seconds, Misha and Taykoe were gone. “Oh no, I don’t mind! I’ll go find Tobi!” Ariha yelled sarcastically. She crossed her arms and stomped to the backyard. “Tobi! For your own sake you better be out here!” she yelled.


“Hidan!!” Misha yelled through the door. “GO AWAY!” Hidan yelled. “Usually he says that around ritual time but it’s way too early,” Misha said. She glanced at Taykoe. “Do you think he stole the cookies and is eating them now?” she asked. “Hard to say. Besides, Ariha fell asleep on the table around five or six, remember? Wouldn’t he have had to gotten past her?” Taykoe asked. “True, she’s a really light sleeper even when she’s drunk and Hidan trying to be quiet is like a bull in a china shop,” Misha agreed. “Still, we have to check.” Misha smiled at Taykoe. “Stand back,” ordered Taykoe, roundhouse kicking the door in. “I said go away,” Hidan yelled, covering himself with the towel as both Taykoe, screaming, dragged Misha away.



“Boy, you look tired,” Tobi remarked as Ariha hoisted him into a tree. “These ropes are tight,” he went on. “Yes well, you won’t sit still long enough for me to talk to you or even get answers and you’re too quiet for me to follow for long,” Ariha said, tying the rope around the tree. She stood back, hands on hips. “Now, my dear Tobi, did you eat any cookies during your movie with Hida-chan?” she asked in a sweet voice. “What movie?” Tobi asked. “Kisame said you and Hidan watched a movie last night.” “Did not!” Tobi said. Ariha crossed her arms. “Kisame,” she growled.




Ariha kneeled behind the couch, peeking underneath in the exact spot Kisame had been previously hiding behind. The entire floor behind the couch to the kitchen was sickeningly clean. “Hmm, interesting,” she mumbled. “What is?” Ariha jumped at Kisame’s voice. “Oh, the, uh, polish you used for the floor. Or whatever it was. Oh look at the time! My appointment starts in an hour!” she said as she ran from the room. “Well that was close,” she said, scratching a small black pebble off her face before pulling out her phone and calling Taykoe’s. “My room. Now,” she said as soon as Taykoe had picked up.



“So, Kisame lied about Tobi and Hidan watching a movie. Kakuzu doesn’t eat sweets and Pein, well, Pein can’t lie.” Misha said. “Take into account most everyone was drunk last night,” Ariha mumbled, massaging her forehead. “She makes a good point,” Misha agreed. Taykoe studied Ariha. “Ariha, I think I know who ate the cookies,” she said.

Mystery Solutions

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The case of the ruined roses.(continued)

“What are you talking about?” Nina asked.Max smiled but said nothing to her as he walked away. “Max! TELL ME!” she yelled, running after him.

“So you really think it’s Sam?” Nina asked, after Max had finally told her. Although, he hadn’t really done it willingly, considering he was now pinned under her. “If you let me up, I will explain,” Max said. Nina rolled off her cousin and stood, waiting impatiently for him to stand and brush himself off. “Now then,” he began. “If you recall, Sam claimed to have been watching that lame documentary on UFO’S correct?” Nina crossed her arms. “Not lame but go on,” she urged. “Well according to you, mini munch, the whole UFO junk started in 1800. Didn’t Sam say something about some guy starting it in 1947?” Nina blinked. ‘I just got that. And yeah he did. Max you’re a genious!” Max smiled. “I know but I’m glad you admitted it. Now let’s go tell Coach.”

The case of the disappearing signs (also continued)

“Well who?” asked Mrs.Decker, turning off the water and wiping her hands on a dishtowel. “Who else would be motivated enough to jack signs but the person who has to live next to the house’s new occupants?” Max asked. His mother and Nina just looked at him. “Leave this one to me,” Nina said, sitting in a chair. “Well, we talked to everyone we could think off. Freddie couldn’t because he’s been tearing apart his old tree house in order to get a new bike. I heard him talking about it a few days ago and he was pretty bummed. Then we thought it was this guy Paul. He had a truck and he may have been tired off house searching for his uncle so he took the signs so no one else would buy the house. But we ruled that out fairly quickly.” “I’m sorry Nina but I don’t want to know who it isn’t. I want to know who it is,” Mrs. Decker said. “I’m getting there!” Nina nearly yelled. She crossed her arms. “Well, I’m no pyro expert but isn’t it a little weird for a fire to be going in the middle of July?” “What?” Mrs. Decker asked. “It was Mrs. Stearns,” Max clarrified. “Oh, but she’s so sweet and old.” “Exactly. Most old people prefer peace and quiet. She’s no exception. She was afraid that if people knew the house was on the market, she’d lose all the quiet.” At that moment, the phone rang. “Well, I’ll have a stern talk with Mrs.Stearns as soon as I can,” declared Mrs.Decker as she picked up the phone. “Hello?” “Yes, this is Mrs. Decker.” pause. “Oh that sounds delightful,” she declared, scribbling on a notepad and then hanging up. “Mom?” Max asked. “That house is as good as sold!”

ISR day2

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ISR. Normal enough. In school restriction sounds totally fine. Except for the part where you never get to leave for ,like, ever. Okay, you never get to leave UNLESS you know Micheal, Shilo and Zero. They are three of the best escape artists I’ve ever met and they make it look easy even when they’re not teamed up. Shilo, through years of gymnastical arts ranging from ballet to skating, is the most flexible chick I know. And Zero, dear god, he does things that no boy should be able to do. And then there’s Micheal. He’s a tease, aa nympho, a risk taker and a troublemaker, but his heart’s in the right place. Did I mention he’s cute?


I ducked through the hidden door, humming. Zero was in his corner but Shilo was talking quietly to Micheal. I watched them  in the corner of my eye as I shut the door quietly and covered it with dirt. What could they possibly be talking about? Shilo clapped her hands. “Alright!” she said. I finished with the door and looked at her. She smiled back at me. “You, my darling, are looking at this school’s newest released prisoner. Well, one of them!” she announced. My heart stopped. Shilo and Zero were…leaving? Micheal sat on one of the tables meant to be our desks, crossing his arms. “Congrats,” he mumbled. Before anyone else could say a word, a plastic screen lowered to the floor, separating the chalkboard from us. Time for class because even in ISR we had to learn. I took the seat beside Micheal before Shilo or Zero could grab it. As she sat, Shilo eyed me weirdly but I didn’t care. “So when are you being released?” I asked. The teacher, Miss Carol, walked in. No one paid her any attention even when she clapped her hands to bring us to order. “Tomorrow, I think,” Shilo replied. “When should we expect you back?” Micheal inquired. Shilo tossed him a venomous look. “Never you nympho,” she hissed. I smiled. “Giving up your criminal ways?” I asked. Shilo rolled her eyes. “Please, I’m going to get better so that I don’t get caught.” Miss Carol was knocking on the plastic wall now. “Children!” she called. Shilo glanced at her, briefly, before turning back to Micheal. “Isn’t getting rid of teacher’s your specialty?” she inquired. I knew where things were going the second I heard Micheal’s shoes clomp onto the table. “Micheal, now, really?” I asked, covering my face with my hands so that no one could see me blush. I felt Micheal’s shirt plop onto my head, his scent surrounding me. “Zero! Gimmie a beat!” he instructed. I risked a peek at Shilo. Like me, her face was in her hands, mainly because of the deep love/hate relationship she and Micheal had. Shilo peeked over at me, as if sensing my stare.By now, Zero had launched into a beat and I could only imagine just what Micheal was doing. The table was shaking enough. Was Miss Carol, shy ,sweet, innocent Miss Carol, really immune to Micheal’s “signature strip tease”? I heard a door slam and got my answer. Nope! Micheal’s shirt was removed from my head and he flopped into his chair beside me, pulling on the white T-shirt. I smiled at him, lifting my head. ST7 flew into the room. “Mikey!” Micheal greeted. ST7 responded by zapping him.

                                Primitive human scum, you have chased another teacher away.

“True but they’re getting faster now,” Micheal joked. Another zap.

                                                Do you not wish to continue your education?

This time I spoke up. “Our education system put us in here.”

                                               You put yourself in here.

With that, ST7 flew out of the room. Micheal stood. “Guess I can let myself out,” he said. We all stood, brushing aside the dirt and leaving through the door. The tunnel beyond was only wide enough to walk two by two. Shilo pulled me back with her, holding me behind as the boys walked on. “After all that, my hard work wasted,” she grumbled. “What do you mean?” I asked. She smacked the back of my head. “I practically give you a half naked Micheal and all you do is look away and blush.” I blushed now. She’d done that for me? Was it really so obvious that I liked Micheal? Had he noticed? “Ladies, let’s go!” Micheal yelled. Shilo crossed her arms. “He may be dense but Zero and I aren’t. What are you going to do when it’s just the two of you in that room?” That was a good question. What was I going to do when Shilo and Zero left?

The Dime, The Dollar and the Drain (life of a dollar)

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The Dime, The Dollar and the Drain.


Me and Dime, we’re just sitting on this drain, tittering on the edge of one bar. One slim bar. Okay, it’s just me. Dime’s pretty much set. He’s right on the middle, chilling like he’s one of those coins painted on the billboard across the street.


Today, the wind was so fierce! It blew me closer to the drain and I would have fallen in had I not had a piece of slowly stailing gum attached to my back. For the moment I was safe. Hearing my frantic screams, Dime panicked but upon hearing why I was screaming, he laughed. I knew he was relieved. Neither of us really wanted to be left on the drain alone and neither of us wanted to fall into the dark abyss but it still annoyed me that something so real was so funny to him.


A new arrival! Her name is Penny.Like me, she titters on the edge of the dark abyss but seems cheerful about it. She’s got so many stories to tell about a home called pocket. And her family! They sound so amusing! Her grandfather was a dollar and her father was a quarter but he abandoned the family for adventure in the drain, leaving Penny, her cousin Dimea and her aunt, Quartera. I can’t believe her father would willingly go into the drain. But it doesn’t seem like that sucker’s comin’ back anytime soon.


There’s absolutely no wind today. The air is stale, like it gets before a storm, and the sky overhead is dark. I dread the coming storm. So does Dime. Penny just seems fascinated by it. She’ll hate it soon enough. It’s an awful time when you feel that first drop of water smash onto you, soaking your papery corners or your engraved face (Dime). Dime and I, we’ve been through a lot of storms together. He’s rusted, tarnished actually. Me. Well, I’m crumpled, torn at the corners and covered in the grime that clings to these horrible bars as well as the piece of gum my previous owner spit on my back the fateful day he dropped me here. The fool mistook me for a napkin. But it was so long ago, I don’t even remember.


It’s still raining. The streets are unusually empty of all humans. Penny, she’s humming a tune. The water makes her happy. Me? I’m absolutely miserable. Dime’s mood seems better. He likes Penny, I can tell. It looks to me that, though she seems oblivious, she knows more than she’s letting on. I role my eyes as, once again, Dime starts up a conversation directed only at Penny. The last time he’d done that, I’d answered his questions before Penny could and things got akward. I can tell Dime wants to say something but he doesn’t. He keeps his mouth shut even when Penny’s asleep. She’s a very heavy sleeper. I guess he intends to use the silent treatment as my punishment.


The street is void of all life. Even bugs. The rain stopped, last night and now the air is dry. Drier than stormy day dry. Dark clouds still rumble overhead, asserting their authority. I ask Penny what she thinks is going on. She doesn’t know. Dime ,when I ask him, refuses to answer, feigning sleep. He’s still mad but I’m too on edge to care. Let him hate me. It’s clear Penny doesn’t see the two of them together in the future. Besides, her bar is closer to mine than his. If anything, she and I would be a better match but I’d rather stay drain buddies rather than screw up a good thing.


It’s a tradgedy! A tradgedy, I say. The winds today were stronger than the usually taunting breeze. I felt that this was it. This tornado would be my undoing. After all it passed right by our homey little drain, tearing at the road in a fit of pure, unsupressed anger. Miraculously, my gum held tight to me. But Penny, oh sweet Penny, met her fate. She toppled into the drain, a look of fearful anticipation of her face. Now she would finally see what her father had seen. Dime, he cried, but his cries were lost in the wind. After the tornado, as life returned to the streets, he stopped, sniffing and acting macho once again. I smiled at this. Good, old unchanging Dime.

“Hey,” he said to me, his first word in what felt like ages.

“Yes?” I asked.

“What do you have to eat over there? I’m starving.”

A Day in ISR

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You walk into the room and it looks perfectly normal. A boring, old everyday classroom with tormented students crouched over their work. Ha! But those are the good ones. The ones with minor offenses. You, my friend are a special case. You see, screaming at a teacher ensures you have a special place in ISR. A very special place indeed.

I cry out as the floor goes from plain tile to tile Slip and Slide in a heartbeat. I slide down, beneath the ISR room, until I’m sprawled on another tile floor. My backpack comes sliding up behind me, thumping against my back. “OW!” I yell, for emphasis. A little flying TV zooms over and words appear on its screen.

                            So nice of you to join us today. Please state your name.

Yeah, like I’m just going to do that. So I lie. “Sarah McCarthy,” I say. The screen blacks out for a second but then words appear again.

                                     You cannot bullshit me. I am smarter.

Worth a try,” I say with a shrug. The TV is still floating there so I sigh. “Taykoe,” I finally say.

                                                Thank you, future scum of America.

And then it flew away a little bit, waiting for me. I shouldered my bag and walked after it. “Couldn’t you, I don’t know, make it so I could just slide all the way there?” I asked sarcastically. Did I want to slide? No. But if this was my only way of rebellion well I was going to use it.

                                                                  As you wish.

And then the floor was a slide again, forcing me through a tunnel. A really dark tunnel. I screamed as I saw a light at the end and then I flew out, tackling one surprised guy. And a cute one at that. I stared down at him with his perfect silver eyes and his silver hair with blue tips. Okay behind cute, scrumptious. “Hey,” he said and I blushed at his voice. If this was a dream I so did not want to wake up. “I’m up for anything fun but right now I have to pee.” And just like that, the moment was ruined.  The TV flew in then. “Mike!” the guy said.

                                Primitive human, I am know as ST7 not an abbreviation of your name, Micheal.

“Nice to know,” Micheal said, leaping to his feet and leaving me sprawled on the floor. With a shock I realized there were two other people. A girl and a guy. The girl could have easily been his girlfriend. Not a good thing. “Kid, I wouldn’t lay on the floor too long,” said the one with black hair. My jaw literally dropped. O…M…G! Shilo Kuchiki! Daughter of Ariha and Byakuya Kuchiki. We’d grown up together but I barely recognized her. The other was Zero. He looked bored which I suspected was genetic since his mother, Misha, always looked bored whenever we went to visit. “Dude, what are you guys doing here?” I asked. Shilo raised her hand. “I got caught trying to steal files from the principal’s office,” she said. I looked at Zero. “He helped,” Shilo added. I looked at Micheal. “And you?” He looked calmly back. “Well, one charge was streaking across the football field and the other was performing a strip tease on a teacher’s desk in the middle of class.” “And he does so even in here!” Shilo complained.

                                                       No talking!

“OH BITE ME!” Shilo growled, crossing her arms like the princess she was so obviously raised to be. ST7 did not respond. It just flew out of the room. “So,” Micheal said, rising. “Who wants to go home?” “WHAT?” I cried looking at each one in turn as they all stood. “You didn’t think we were just going to sit around and waste away did you?” Shilo asked as Zero dusted the dirt away from a door in the wall. “We have our ways of escape.” One of Micheal’s arms slid around my shoulder. “Trust me, little Taykoe-chan. You’re stuck with us for a long time now that you ended up down here. You’ve joined the pack and we look out for our own.” Shilo rolled her eyes as Zero pried open the door. “You always say that you nympho,” she grumbled before stepping through the door. Zero followed and Micheal  led me after them. “I warn you, kid. Shilo’s annoying and Zero barely talks but they’re good allies. Plus you’ve got me. And I’m just naturally awesome.” I smiled. Okay, it wasn’t as much of a suckish day in ISR  as I had first thought.